Mpumalanga Provincial Municipal Health Services Summit

The ANC's priority of Health as one of its key resolutions at the 54th ANC Conference, resolved that there was the urgent need to intensify programmes to ensure ongoing improvement in the quality of health care.

The City of Mbombela Local Municipality convened a Municipal Health Summit on 16th - 17th of October 2019 for all Environmental Health Practitioners in the Province. Amongst the areas identified for discussion was the need to tighten controls on counterfeit goods, build capacity to deal with toxic & hazardous waste disposed of in rivers, which impacts on the community really. This also presents challenges when it comes to food control, especially school food nutrition.

The ANC has identified that the impact of climate change poses new and long-standing environmental and health challenges, which will constrain effective delivery of Environmental Health Services. The impact of Climate change with Communicable Diseases such as Cholera cases, increase due to the climate change including Vector Borne diseases such as Malaria.

Non-Communicable diseases such as Malnutrition and Heat Stroke due to climate change also poses new and long-standing environmental and health challenges. We therefore require dedication and hard work in promoting and strengthening Environmental Health Services in the country.