National Mathematics Week

7 September 2006

Madam Speaker, we congratulate the Department of Education in having another National Mathematics Week. This initiative is to be commended as it highlights the importance of Mathematics in the development of science, engineering, medicine and technology; and hence its central significance in developing our country.

The Deputy President took the initiative through Jipsa - the Joint Initiative for Priority Skills Acquisition - to harness and secure the development of engineers, technicians, scientists and other highly skilled people in order to meet the prioritised technical needs of our country. These skills are crucial for the economic development of our country and your help to set in motion and accelerate development of factories and infrastructure as well the development of machinery and tools need for this purpose.

It is clear that if we are to provide and accelerate the provision of employment, housing and hospitals and other infrastructures that our country needs, this initiative is important and should be used to maximum effect and possibly be expanded.

The ANC thanks the Minister of Education on this initiative. We trust that it would eventually be extended to all learners in the school and include a large number of schools. Thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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