North West Province goes digital to fight TB

K Moepeng

The ANC welcomes the North West Government`s accessing of the new Tuberculosis (TB) testing machine Gene Xpert as a major step in the fight against TB, as South Africa is still regarded as one of the countries in the world with the highest TB rate.

Gene Xpert testing machine is able to detect TB in two hours, thus reducing waiting time for the people who test for the disease. It also is able to then ensure that those who test positive are immediately administered to and receive medication promptly.

This technology complements the North West province`s already successful TB records. It will also reduce costs for the province, as patients will no longer be required to be referred to the Gauteng province for this service.

This is a major medical breakthrough and the province has already installed one Gene Xpert machine in each of the four districts, and more will be rolled out to new hospitals, community health centres and clinics

The ANC commends this initiative as it will help reduce the burden of the TB scourge in our country, and address the challenges associated with TB.