Notice of a Motion:

Ms M. G. Boroto moved without notice that the Council:-

1. Notes the sentencing of muti and witchcraft killer Brian Mangwale to life imprisonment in the Pretoria High Court yesterday for murdering 10-year-old Masego Kgomo and another six years imprisonment for kidnapping her in December 2009;

2. Further notes that 10-year-old Masego Kgomo was killed in the most aggravating and heartless circumstances where her womb and breast were cut out while she was still alive;

3. Takes this opportunity to welcome the sentencing of Mongwale for his utmost heartless, inhuman and senselessness killing of thus innocent child; and

4. Calls on any person who might have additional information about any person who might have assisted Mangwale in this senseless murder to ensure that such people are brought to face the full might of the law.

I so move!