President Launches Kanana Housing Project by Madlala M

14 August 2012

The ANC welcomes the recent handover of more than 200 new houses to the residents of Kanana Park Ext 3 in southern Johannesburg by President Zuma. On a previous visit to Sweetwaters and Thulamntwana in May and July 2010, President Zuma observed the poor and uninhabitable living conditions of the residents in these areas and gave them an undertaking that the ANC government will attend to their situation.

As promised, the Gauteng Provincial government and the City of Johannesburg began developing the Kanana park housing project. Of the total of 3101 houses scheduled to be built, 1793 houses will be government subsidized, 756 will be social-rental units and 552 will be bonded units.

Apart from the housing units being developed, there are plans to also build parks, two sports grounds, two primary schools, a high school and a clinic. The ANC is committed to ensuring that housing for the poor remains a priority and that we also create holistic living environments.