Protection of Personal Information Bill

22 August 2013

The National Assembly has unanimously approved all the NCOP amendments to the Protection of Personal Information Bill, which effectively means that Parliament has now approved this Bill and this is a welcome development.

The Protection of Personal Information Bill gives expression to the right to privacy provided for in the Constitution. The right to privacy includes the right to protection against unlawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of ones personal information.

The Bill is comprehensive and regulates the manner in which personal information may be processed, by establishing conditions in harmony with international standards, that prescribe the minimum threshold requirements for the lawful processing of personal information.

As a means of achieving its objectives, the Bill establishes the Office of the Information Regulator as an independent, statutory body, accountable to the National Assembly. The Information Regulator, amongst other duties and functions, will take over from the Human Rights Commission powers and functions relating to the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA).

The Bill has been referred to the President for his assent.



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