Public Protector report on IEC Chairperson

28 August 2013

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip has noted the report of the Public Protector on its investigation on the allegations of maladministration and corruption in the procurement of the accommodation for the Independent Electoral Commission`s head office.

We further note that the recommendations contained in the report have been referred to Parliament for a decision. In line with parliamentary procedure on matters such as this, the Speaker would refer the report of the Public Protector to the relevant parliamentary structure, which will apply its mind and then make recommendations for consideration by the House. The House is the final arbiter on this matter.

We call upon all parliamentary political parties to respect this process and desist from making statements that seeks to prejudge the matter, which they would eventually decide on as part of Parliament. Parliament recommends the appointment of the IEC chairpersons. It is therefore irresponsible for parliamentary parties to make public judgments and pronouncements on a matter that they would still deliberate on (as part of that relevant committee of parliament) and take a decision (as part of the National Assembly). It makes a mockery of parliamentary processes and undermines the institutional role.

Issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip

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