Public Sector Strike Violence

14 June 1007

Madam Deputy Speaker, this statement serves to condemn violence, intimidation and disinformation during the course of the current public sector strike.

The current public sector strike has turned out to be violent, intimidating and to characterised by terror and disinformation. We have noted how patients die due to being denied access to health. Learners are frightened, throttled by teachers, etc. False bomb threats are made to disrupt schooling as well as transportation of those who are not on strike. We have seen teachers toting guns, threatening the lives of colleagues, as well as learners and parents. Nurses are thrashing and vandalising hospital corridors and property, including operating theatres and we call on all of this to come to a stop.

We call on the striking workers to desist from intimidation and violence and to stop unleashing terror on the poor people of our country who depends solely on the state to access health care, education and other services.

We remind workers that enshrined within their right to strike, is the right also not to strike, as well as the constitutional right to access services like health and education and the right to be free from fear, terror, intimidation and violence.

We call on the leadership of organised labour to call the striking workers to order. We request them to condemn violence, intimidation and defamation in strong and continuous terms every day until this unacceptable behaviour comes to an end. I thank you.

Standing Committee on Private Members` Legislative Proposals & Special Petitions

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