Quota System For Foreigners

The ANC welcomes the National Labour Migration Policy, which together with the proposed Employment Services Amendment Bill, will provide a policy framework and the legal basis to regulate the extent to which employers can employ foreign nationals in their establishments while protecting the rights of migrants.

Expansion of international migration has deemed it necessary to develop such a policy to address South Africans’ expectations regarding access to work opportunities, given worsening unemployment and the perception that foreign nationals are distorting labour market access. Important aspects the policy addresses amongst others are: the introduction of quotas on the total number of documented foreign nationals with work visas that can be employed in major economic sectors such as Agriculture, Hospitality and Tourism, Construction etc; enforcement of a list of sectors where foreign nationals cannot be allocated business visas, limiting of foreign nationals establishing SMMEs and trading in some sectors of the economy; securing porous borders and stepping up  inspections to enforce existing labour and immigration legislation.

We support this policy framework and believe it is critical for government to act and curb the hiring of foreign nationals in the country, as employers were exploiting desperate foreign nationals and distorting the labour market.