R5m substance abuse centre under construction

Tuck A

The ANC welcomes the Northern Cape provincial government's commitment to deal with the abuse of drugs and alcohol in that province by creating an inpatient treatment facility. The rise of drug abuse in South Africa is worrying, as the World Health Organisation says that 15% of South Africa's population has a drug problem.

The statistics are a concern to South Africa and giving the country a bad reputation of being one of the drug capitals of the world. This facility will be used by people suffering from addiction. It will be built at a value of R5m and will create jobs for many local citizens. The engineers are in their second phase of the construction of the project and entailed a 40-bed facility including a detoxification centre.

The ANC calls upon all South Africans to be part of community actions geared at changing social values and norms and should also take part in campaigns against drug and substance abuse.

I thank you