Responsibility To Make Roads Safer

15 November 2005

Madam Speaker, every other transport department of all three spheres of government spend or use resources to raise awareness of the importance of road safety to both drivers and pedestrians. Despite this, every day an average of 36 lives are lost and around 100 people are seriously injured due to road accidents. The estimated costs of traffic crashes to individuals, commerce, communities and the country are in the region of R38 billion annually.

Experience has taught us that, as we approach the big holiday season, the incidences of fatalities and injuries due to road accidents increases. The responsibility to make our roads safer rests with all of us. All spheres of government, as well as the private sector, should allocate the necessary resources to ensure that road safety becomes a way of life for all South Africans throughout the year.

Road users also have to adopt a positive change in attitude to road safety. The ANC calls on all our citizens to be responsible and ensure that we all arrive alive.

I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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