SA`s Measures Against Polio Commended

24 October 2006

Chairperson, the ANC welcomes the declaration by the Global Certification Commission` subcommittee in Africa, the Africa Regional Certificate Commission, that there is enough evidence showing the non-existence of the wild polio virus in South Africa. This certification has been the result of a sustained campaign of vaccination of children over the years.

The African Regional Certificate Commission has expressed satisfaction with the measures South Africa has in place against polio, including the political commitment to eradicate the childhood disease.

Building on this success, the ANC will continue to work with our people to ensure a better life for all. We, therefore, wish to congratulate the Department of Health and its partners in the social cluster, and organs of civil society, on their remarkable and far-reaching success in reducing the burden of the disease and poverty in South Africa, the SADC region, as well as the African continent. I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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