Scientific Interventions In Stemming The Tide Of HIV/Aids

5 September 2006

The Portfolio Committee on Science and Technology held a meeting on 29 August 2006 with the Medical Research Council regarding scientific interventions in stemming the tide of HIV and Aids.

In this meeting we reflected on the management of HIV and Aids and the requisite scientific interventions needed in improving the quality of life of South Africans, especially the future use of vaginal microbicides, which will give women greater power in protecting themselves against the HI virus, thereby helping significantly in reducing its transmission.

We urge all South Africans to choose a lifestyle that protects them from this virus, and thus they must abstain, be faithful and condomise. We similarly urge practitioners of modern and traditional medicine to collaborate in finding treatments to all diseases - curable and incurable. We remain confident that these linkages and synergies are possible and that they can lead to sustainable livelihoods among all South Africans, thereby creating a healthier and more prosperous society. I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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