Speech By Hon Lydia Sindisiwe Chikunga, Chairperson Of Police, During The FIFA World Cup Debate

3 June 2010

Rising to the challenge making the FIFA World Cup work for all South Africans

FIFA World Cup Debate Joint Sitting Parliament

Honourable Speaker
Deputy President of the RSA
President of FIFA, Mr Sepp Blatter
Honourable Members
Members of LOC
Our Guest`s
Ladies & Gentlemen
Fellow South African`s

I cannot express the honour bestowed on me by being one of the participants in this very important and historic debate on South Africa`s readiness for the all important FIFA World Cup.

We address you to confirm that, as I speak, our country is delivering it`s best to welcome teams across the world that will be our guests here for the next month and a half. As I speak, our security agencies, our roads and transport agencies, our stadiums and indeed our people are ready.

Let me assure you that as I speak, our National Joint Operational Centre under the leadership of South African Police Service and with the most sophisticated technology has become operational and is working 24 hours to ensure that the football teams, the delegations from participating nations, the officials and the FIFA Leadership, Heads of State and VIP`s are safe.

All security operations relating to the 2010 FIFA World Cup – including the close protection of the 32 teams and the FIFA family, as well as various visiting Heads of State, Dignitaries, policing at ports of entry, route security, inner city security, stadium security, air and maritime defence and general crime prevention duties – will be commanded from the NATJOC. The NATJOC will, in addition liaise closely and continuously with FIFA and the Orginising Committee, as well as with other police centre`s which are linked to operations.

Playing countries and neighbouring countries have sent their representatives to work with our forty-four thousand police officials. The non-South African police will perform non-executive task`s; that is, they have no powers to arrest.

Speaker, risk assessments have been completed and have determined that in this World Cup we will adequately and actively be policing 9 international airports, three seaports, and 54 landports of which 7 have been prioritised.

Our Provincial joint operational centres are up and running as I speak. We also have plans for policing certain high and medium risk matches.

The German team`s accommodation issue has been finalised. The hotel has been granted a temporary certificate of occupancy.

Our Home Affairs Department has already set an advanced Passenger Processing System to make it easier to screen passengers before they depart their own countries to South Africa. We have also set dedicated Express Lanes at selected international airports and co-located border posts with neighbouring countries. Our 24-hour operational centre in Pretoria will provide statistical information for operational purposes.

Our Home Affairs Department is also working with SARS to implement an enhanced Movement Control System to facilitate the secure movement of people in and out of the country at 34 priority ports of entry. We have set up procedures to deal with foreign nationals that we will strictly adhere to. We have prepared our people and our team to deliver the best World Cup ever. Of course, I have prepared another alternative team.

Speaker, let me thank the people of South Africa for appointing me to coach a team of Badala Badala without pay. That team will be on standby to assist Bafana Bafana should the need arise, thus becoming the reserve team.

As the self-appointed coach, let me take this opportunity to announce my other winning team:

  • I have since appointed my assistant coach and he is – Butana "the Fire" Kompela.
  • My No 1 Head of Technical team is Mathole "the activist" Motshega.
  • My No 1 goal keeper is Nelson "United Nations" Mandela.
  • My No 2 defender is Sandile "Rider" Ngcobo.
  • My No 3 defender is Max "Order" Sisulu.
  • My No 4 defender is Thabo "T Bo Touch" Mbeki.
  • My No 5 sweeper and marshalling defender is Kgalema "The Brains" Monthlante.
  • My No 7 attacking midfielder is Irvin "Iron Duke" Khoza.
  • My No 9 attacking midfielder is Kaizer "Shitsha Guluva" Motaung.
  • My No 8 defending midfielder is Makhenkesi "Vuvuzela" Stofile.
  • My No 6 attacking and defending midfielder is Mangosuthu" laduma" Buthelezi.
  • My No 11 deadly striker is Danny" Shosholoza" Jordaan.
  • My No 10 playmaker midfielder, captain my captain is Jacob "the commander in chief" Zuma who also will be the captain.
  • My No 1 South African supporter is Sepp "Africa ke Nako" Blatter.
  • My No 1 reserve goal keeper is Kenneth "Titanic" Moeshoe.
  • My No 1 substitute is Kirsten "My Ambassador" Nematendani; and
  • My No 2 substitute is Mike "calling for Division" Ellis.

My apologies to all those good and potential players who could not make it to the BADALA BADALA Team. FIFA wants only 23 players.

Speaker, much as I need support and prayers that none of my team players suffer from any of the old age diseases during this time, our team, BAFANA BAFANA, and our coach, Carlos Alberto Parreirra require all our support, all our encouragement and all our vuvuzelas for them to play like true maestros and make us, as a nation, proud. A sense of pride, a sense of dignity, a sense of expectation has engulfed our people as the date for the opening matches gets closer.

Yingakho somlomo ngithi ngivumele ngisike kwelijikayo ngithi.

Ndoda yom Africa
Gqoka ingubo yakho yamakhosi
Haya ingoma yakho yezimbongi
Giya uqephuze uthi "ibuyile I Africa"

Ntombi yom Africa
Butha abantwana bakho ubafukamele
Yisho ngezwi lakho elipholile uthi "kuhle kwethu e Africa"
Kikiza uhalalise uthi "lethwese ihlobo "
Iyasho nenyoni emthini ithi "amdokwe amabele avuthiwe e Africa"

I am proudly South African !!
I feel it because it is here!!
Africa ke nako
Nkosi Sikelela iAfrica!!!

I Thank you!