Speech by Hon Nocawe Mafu Chairperson Of The Portfolio Committee On Human Settlements during the SONA Debate


The Human Settlements strategy and programme that de-racialise communities and builds a more cohesive communities

Hon Speaker Of The NA & HON Chairperson of the NCOP:
Hon Deputy Speaker And Hon Deputy Chaiperson:
President Of The Republic: His Excellency Mr Jacob Zuma
The Deputy President Of The Republic: My Cyril Ramaphosa
Hon Members From Both Houses Of Parliament
Ladies And Gentlemen

Hon Speaker

The month of February comes as the country celebrates 25 years of the release of our struggle icon uTata Nelson Mandela and the un-burning of political parties like mine, the ANC.

The year 2015 marks 60 years of the celebration of the Freedom Charter which is the corner stone that provides a framework as to where we want steer the Country to. Through all the complex tapestry of different forms and methods of struggle, armed and unarmed, legal and illegal, underground and open, on the political, economic and ideological battle fronts, the idea and inspiration of the freedom charter ran like a golden thread unifying the diverse forces that together make up our liberation movement. It is the bedrock for social and economic redress

"There comes a time for every radical movement when to talk about freedom is not enough. One has to paint a picture of it give it substance, feel in the details." He was calling for national convention to draw up the freedom charter which lead to the congress of the people on the 26 June 1955 by Prof ZK Mathews 1953, addressing Cape ANC.

"Any form of construction needs both the architect and the bricklayer. It needs both the act of conception and that of building; the act of designing and that of putting one brick upon the other. If the Congress of the People in 1955, marked the maturity of conception of design of our future society , April 27, 1994 , called upon all of us to hone our skills in the act of brick laying" TM Mbeki 2001 Addressing Consultative Conference.

As per the freedom Charter; anarchy is not the interpretation of the people shall govern, as we see our people being encouraged to invade land illegally by parties that thrives on anarchy. This practice hinders proper planning of our settlements. Our Municipalities are rendered powerless when land is invaded, interfering with their planning. We commend the work that is being done by the Housing development Agency (HDA) in assisting the Municipalities and Provinces in acquiring land.

It is common knowledge that the ANC is the majority party with 62% of the electorate having entrusted their future into it. No amount of chaotic behaviour will change this fact, we are not co-governing with you; we are A Government. "A hand however big, can never cover the sky"

During 2014 SONA, his Excellency President Zuma highlighted the following;

  • Revitalise Distress Mining Communities
  • Women Empowerment and Development
  • Youth Empowerment

Hon Speaker

The Department of Human Settlements is responsible for the Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Revitalisation of the Mining Towns. Meetings with the Chamber of Mines, the Banking Sector where pledge was signed and Provinces where these towns are, have taken place to come out with a plan. The mining charter recognises that human dignity and privacy of mine workers are the hallmark to enhance and expedite transformation in the mining industry in terms of living conditions.

  • 2.1 Billion Ring fenced for upgrading of mining towns.
  • 290 Million for a upgrading 82 Informal settlements in the mining town are at various stages of implementation.
  • 233 informal settlements are being assessed

We appreciate the collaboration between the Department of Human Settlements and Chamber of Mines to upgrade Hostels as this is a very degrading form of living for our people. Hostels must be totally eradicated *MARAPONG HOSTEL in Lephalale.

Hon Speaker

Mr President when you addressed the nation on the 12 February 2015, you made mention of 15.3 Million people are employed in South Africa.

We are pleased to note that the department of Human Settlements is contributing to this number by implementing;

  • Youth Brigade Programme
  • The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), has pledged 10 000 opportunities in a Youth Entrepreneur Empowerment Programme - 55% of all properties sold in 2014 has be bought by black people
  • NHBRC is employing all the young people who have completed their training on bricklaying, plastering and plumbing.

The national department of human settlements has also acknowledged lack of scarce skills that are related to this department and a programme will be tabled. The commitment of 1.4 million housing opportunities in this term of government is on track, ANC is going forward "SIYAQHUBA MONGAMELI"
Hon Speaker

The commitment to build five thousand houses for Military Veterans will go a long way to improve the lives of those who fought for our freedom. The delivery of Fifty Thousand subsidy and affordable houses is welcomed particularly around the mattes of gap market.

We have to commend the department for ensuring that women empowerment is alive for having set aside 30% of the budget for women in construction.

The elimination of the Title Deeds backlog is a top priority. We hale the partnership between the Estate Affairs Agency Board and the Black Conveyance`s Association on their remarkable work.

Hon Speaker

The National Development Plan assets that, reshaping of South Africa`s Cities, Towns and Rural Settlements, is a complex long term projects, requiring major reform and political will. We are encouraged that the final Master Spatial Plan will be tabled before Cabinet.
Sadly as we list all these achievements very little can be said about the Western Cape in this regard. Is it because these programs are meant to improve the lives of the poor? Western Cape is a broken province lead by a broken Premier. All she does best is to "Toi-toi like a monkey" patronising our people.

The opposition in this country is but a sad joke, what you do at jokes you laugh! Let me unpack to you the joke of the DA:

The so called DA needs to explain why they handed numerous tenders worth R400m to Filcon despite the 8 applications for the company`s liquidation that were pending in the High Court at the time. Some of these Applications were filed at least three years prior to Filcon receiving these mega provincial and municipal state contracts from the DA led government.

As the saga of missing public funds continues to unfold, the plight of our indigent people still living in containers in Manenberg for more than a year is a further shocking indictment on the DA administration in our city and province.

Despite the DA`s Ivan Meyer previously claiming that Filcon was "simply a case of a reputable contractor running into cash flow problems", the High Court disagreed, turned down their application for business rescue and granted a Final Order of Liquidation on 28 July 2014.

In addition, a cursory Google search would`ve revealed exactly who Filcon`s Chairman, Saul Loggenberg is and would also have given details of his very public run-in with the British Insolvency Service. A BIS investigation revealed that after placing his company, Mocor into voluntary liquidation, Loggenberg then asked his solicitors to pay £82,000 into his bank account out of the company`s account, with a further £10,000 drawn out to pay off his own personal debts.

The DA needs to explain why Filcon benefited from public funds if it was already facing financial ruin; i.e. was the public money given to Saul Loggenberg for him to clear his own personal debts or to sustain his lavish lifestyle.

Another piece of the puzzle fell into place recently when Debbie Schaefer, MEC for Education, in response to ANC MPL, Cameron Dugmore, confirmed that a certain Leslene McGlenatendolf, previously employed by Filcon, was now employed as Director - Infrastructure Planning and Management at the Provincial Education Department. This is the same McGlenatendolf who told the legislature recently that "the supply chain process was followed to the T and that Filcon was found to be suitable". McGlenatendolf failed to alert the House and the Education Dept of any potential conflict of interest and also did not comment on the fact that Filcon was awarded a R106m school tender after she had left them to join the provincial Education Dept as a Director.

Hon Maimane come clean and answer the ANC`s simple question - Did the DA receive any money/party donations or whatsoever from Filcon or Saul Loggenberg or anyone else connected to Filcon or Loggenberg?

Who is dishournable now Hon Maimane?

The ANC appeals to Advocate Thuli Madonsela of the Public Protectors office to take just a few hours out of her busy Nkandla schedule to finalise their forensic investigation into Filcon given that there is more than R400m involved is almost double that of the Nkandla matter.

Hon Speaker

The ANC is on the right track. We hope for the best but we are also prepared for the worst; as our enemies fight our progress all the step of the way. We face the present and the future with optimism but without losing sight of realities and particularly of the special difficulties of our struggle.
Struggle is the permanent victory over difficulties, if there were no difficulties it would not be a struggle, it would be a circus, a gimmick that we see those without struggle credentials trying to engage on, trying to drag us into as a pig tries to drag you to the mud.

We will continue to throw out those who do not understand that struggle unites, but it also sorts out persons who are worthless.

The most of the worthless are left behind. It is a selective process, its shows to everyone who we are, and understands that it goes in stages "Ayingomlilo wendiza"

Hon Speaker

We must always remember, no one can know without learning, and the most ignorant person is the one who purports to know without having learnt. Learn from life, learn for the masses, learn in books and from experience of others, constantly learn. Be principled, can`t run a political program based on one central pillar the President.

We are moving South Africa forward!!!

I thank you Hon Speaker.