Speech by Hon A Williams, MP (ANC), Protection of Investment Bill debate

17 November 2015

Hon Speaker
Hon Deputy President
Hon Ministers
Hon Deputy Ministers
Hon Members
Guests and friends in the Gallery

And most importantly, My Fellow South Africans.

Let me Start by wishing the Deputy President a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Deputy President.

In 1994 after the Democratic break through, South Africa was opened up to foreign investment. Sometimes this took the form of Bilateral Investment treaties, known as BITS

In most cases these BITS put the international investor in a more favorable position than local businesses.

These BITS had long life spans and they couldn`t simply just be scrapped, so when the BITS expired, This South African Government chose NOT to renew them, but rather advance legislation that equalizes protection afforded to local business and international investors.

This protection is the South African Constitution.

By not supporting the legislation before us, the DA is ignoring their very own Open Opportunity Policy, as they want the international investor to continue to have more favorable conditions than you the local investor.

The DA wants local business to have less favorable conditions than the International Investor.

It is time for the South African private sector to take a serious look at what the DA is attempting to do to you. The question that our "yellow press" should be asking is why would the DA in Parliament go directly against one of their core policies? There is no open opportunity where "more favorable conditions" exist. If the DA are not defending local business interests, then whose interests are they defending ?

Later on the DA will send a junior MP to justify to the South African private sector why it would be better for local business to have less favorable conditions than international investors. Maybe the DA MP`s on the Committee don`t know DA policy. It wouldn`t be the first time. We all remember the DA ,Employment Equity Bill flip flop.

Local business need to wake up and pay attention and not be led by the nose into less favorable conditions. As the DA would have it.

The ANC is striving for a South African private sector that is truly inclusive and the ANC will protect that private sector. Unlike the DA that talk endlessly about "open Opportunity " on one hand and at the same time do everything they can to create more favourable conditions for the international investor. Obviously some people are more equal than others in the DA policy of open Opportunity.

Wake up South Africa, today you will see the DA`s true agenda, they are nothing more than Neo Colonialists.


One of the things that defines us as a nation is our sovereignty, for without our sovereignty we would be nothing but a colony, a home land. It is our sovereignty that makes us South Africans.

I would like to assure this house and South Africa, that an ANC led government will never put legislation in place that puts the interests of foreign investors above the interests of South Africans , The question you as South Africans should be asking, is why would some political parties in this house attempt to put the interests of foreign investors above your South African interests? Whose interests are these political parties really protecting? And more importantly, why?

Is there a funding model that these parties "forgot" to declare?

It is unpatriotic not to support legislation that brings the South African investor and the foreign investor onto an equal playing field, It is unpatriotic in a sovereign state to attempt the continuation of division between the economic colonizer and us ,the colonized.

Im surprised that the entire South African private sector havent rushed out and joined the only Political Party that is truly protecting their interests. The African national Congress.

The South African private sector needs to wake up to the reality that it is only the ANC that protects your interests.

The official opposition is here today to protect foreign business interests, when they object against this bill today , they will be objecting against the South African Private sector. If the DA vote against the bill they will be voting against their very own policy of Open Opportunity. Thus making that policy null and void.

The ideology the DA is forwarding today is that of economic colonialism where the colonized are no longer only black, today the DA`s victims are all South Africans.


Let me now , take this opportunity to address the international investors.

The ANC Government will afford you the same protection that we afford our local investors. Don`t be distracted by whitty liberal paranoia promoted by our "yellow press". The facts stand, this ANC Government will protect your interests within the context of the South African Constitution.

I would also like to highlight to the international investors both current and potential, that South Africa is the place to invest, Investing in our beautiful country will be the same as if you had invested in Microsoft in March 1980.

South Africa is the Future and by working with this government we can together create a better future for everyone.

Because working together, we can do more

I thank you.

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