Speech by Pamela Tshwete on the Department of Arts & Culture Budget Vote Debate

8 June 2007

Madam Speaker
Honorable, Deputy Speaker
Honorable, Ministers and deputy ministers
Honorable Members of Parliament

I would like to thank the Portfolio Committee of Arts and Culture for giving me support and for the first-time in this budget vote of Arts and culture. I\'ve realized that every committee in Parliament of the Democratic South Africa has a crucial role to play in ensuring that the government programme of fighting poverty is realized to ensure a better life for all.

The constitution of democratic governance is founded on the principle of openness, non-racialism and non-sexism. This simply means that when our government decides to act on particular issues like changing a name of a particular place they firstly, ensure that the fundamental principles contained in our Constitution are adhered to.

Madam Speaker

In the past, there was no proper consultation on this process hence these processes also …

Last week, President Thabo Mbeki was responding to questions in the house he said part of the colonial and apartheid strategy was indeed to destroy the identity of the majority of the people in this country so that this majority should see itself in the image of the colonial and the apartheid masters. Hence we have places such as East London, Parys , New Castle and Muizenburg in South Africa, because this was seen as an extension of Europe. So naturally, it would be remiss for a free South Africa, an African country with citizens who are Africans, not to address this matter. Instead have their street names should either reflect names of freedom fighters or past leaders, not people who used to colonise them. Ours is not to suppress the other groups within the country but to work amicably in building a proud heritage and history.

African National Congress has proved its commitment to address this matter, not in a volatile manner but in a democratically. Case in point Anglo-Boer War Museum. In our budget hearings with Arts & Culture entities we were briefed by the Colonel Jacobs (good morning & welcome Colonel hope you made it) Anglo-Boer War Museum is a theme museum with a specific mission to; collect, curate and display items relating to the Anglo-Boer war of 1899-1902 and the rebellion of 1914.

Colonel Jacobs the CEO spoke of how it depicts the suffering of war prisoners. Only recently it undertook research and publication to promote negotiations. It had been studying previous neglected information about the involvement of black people in the war. Now that\'s the spirit!

Museums and play houses, we as the African National Congress have resolved that, I quote \'there is a need for an acceleration of Museums across South Africa\'. We recognize that, historically, museums were erected in previously white-owned areas, and excluded other citizens. Therefore, as the portfolio committee we implore that the budget should not only increase by inflation but to cater the dire need of the entities. This growth in budget should effect among other things erecting new museums in rural and in peri-urban areas, this would generally affirm the neglected history and culture of the majority of South Africans. And, also this will also lead to employment across all sectors i.e. youth, people with disabilities, and rural women as the most vulnerable people in our country\'.

Madam Speaker

The ANC government did not say it\'s a waste of money to fund museums like, Anglo-Boer War Museums, Afrikaans Taal because it has seen a need of sustaining them for our future generation. While there is an uproar when our heroes who even to this day lie buried in countries like; Lusaka, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Zambia etc. It is time the history of the hunt is told also by the lion not only just the hunter as has been. Persons who were leaders and warriors and those who fought for the emancipation of a ALL South Africans from the oppressive, apartheid government will be honoured.

U Rulumento obandlululo waqunisekise ukuba xa enika in Indepullence, Ciskei, Transkei, Bophuthatswana xa babetuyi ikolo, isitalato, indawo zokugana abantwana. Zange bathi Kuchitho imali se tax. Babengathethi kwakuklo onke amagama abacinezeli.

Minister xa namhlanje urulunemte etshintsha amagama ekhumbula abo balwelwa eli lizwe rabanye amathamko abo awakwaboonwa nanamhlanje. Kuthwa ke ngabamtu ngabantu igazi labho elancenceza bangcwatywa rungekho Bantu babo besenzelwa (ipop funerals). Moyekeni uthixo kuba nababantu ngabantu bakho.

The African National Congress fully support the government\'s efforts to correct the distortions and imbalances in our heritage landscape through the creation of new monuments, museums, the naming of places, and generally affirming the neglected history and culture of the majority of South Africans.

Madam Speaker

I would like to encourage advertisers who should include all South Africans in their commercials. Like the vicks advert: apho utata wase zilaini ebiza ibhokhwe zakhe ebeminxekile ejuma ukukuaza ibhoklwe zakhe kungaphumi lizwe athi akungaba ivicks akwaze. Mazibuye ibhokhwe zam.

Nathi Minister sikuqaba le vicks sithi mayibuye incubeko yethu ungoyiki ngokoyiswa! Masi Khumbule amaqhawe awalelw eli lizwe ngoku tshintsha amagama. Ngoko ke Siyi ANC siyailuxhasa uhlahlo lwabiyo mali.

Ngexesha lobandlululo yayingekho into yojubuza uluvo lwabanthu. Babe Xelelwa into eza Kwenzeka banikwe amagama ngenkam.

The African National Congress encourages the private sector to support the development of art and culture.

The Department of Arts and Culture in their 2005/6 Annual Report singled out their achievements with regard to investing in culture as follows; 3300 job opportunities have been created, 75 permanent position created, 54 000 training persons days made, 40 advisory Project with Advisory Committee created, 30% investment to nodal municipalities, and 75 learners registered for learning and skills development programmes.

I thank you.