State of the nation adress response by Hon. D.P Magadzi

18 February 2015

The Speaker of NA

chairperson of NCOP

The President of the RSA

Deputy President


Members of the August House

Bagaetsho Ma- Afrika Borwa me a dumedisa


As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Unbanning of the ANC and the release of Nelson Mandela this month, we do so by the recommitting ourselves to the values of Tata Mandela and the ANC. We do so by reminding ourselves about the words and the works that of this great Icon.

"I am fundamentally an optimist, whether it comes from Nature or Nurture I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one`s eye pointed toward the sun, one`s feet moving forward". Mr President re tswelapele and we are moving South Africa forward.

The ANC`s Reconstruction and Development Programme as Basic Policy guide has points that we should remember.

  • Meeting the basic needs
  • Developing Human Resource
  • Building the Economy
  • Democratizing the State
  • Implementing Reconstruction and Development

Mentioning the above simply means that the ruling party recognized these problems that are interconnected in the early 1990 before they were in government.

The RDP document highlights the importance of transport matters. It focuses on developing the public transport system that is reliable, regulating the taxis, buses, airlines to meet the standard, improve road safety and contribute towards building the economy of the South Africa


The NDP also highlights critical aspects that transport infrastructure must be intergrated , smooth flowing, reliable and safer. The development of the transport infrastructure will also contribute to the much needed jobs and contribute to growing the economy. We applaud visionary the leadership of the President who brought about this noble National Development Plan. The Plan further requires of us to intensify infrastructure development especially in the Rural areas.


The goals of this policy framework is to develop long term dynamic multimodal transportation systems.

The Challenges of multimodal transport system are well known to many of us. Poor land use planning and management, poor access to modes of transport especially in the rural areas to financing and infrastructure that still needs to be adressed. Transport sector is pivotal to unleash full economic potential, and job creation in our the country. The Master Plan demand that Government must Analyze the situation, Plan ahead and Action the Agenda. This when executed will enhance the transformation of the economy



The three spheres of Government are working together in making sure that there is integrated transport planning, maintenance and development and funding. The major issue that we all have to be alive to is FUNDING. As we develop new roads, rail lines and rolling stock, there is a need to have an intense forward planning method that these assets will need maintenance. Government especially municipality are faced with mammoth task of maintenance of access roads and dealing with Potholes. The upgrading of gravel roads to tar is what our rural communities are still yearning for. The development of many new road and bridges has also made our rural villages to be accessible. !Segwaigwai that was used in Sekhukhune district to cross the Oliphant river is a thing of the past. This massive investment Honorable Members has changed many lives for the better in Sekhukhune. Many villages have easy access to towns and traveling is no longer a journey that would take day.s.

The killer road between Pretoria and Kwa Mhlanga affectionately known as MOLOTO road will be a thing of the past with respect to carnage that was realized in this areas as PRASA and SANRAL are hard at work to develop both Rail and Road. This will not only reduce travel time but the Passenger safety which is paramount as outlined in the NDP.

As the basic needs are huge and Government has many financial needs, as a people we have to engage and work towards a solution that will fast rack infrastructure development especially in the rural areas. The fact that there are areas that are still inaccessible,the fact that there are people who are traveling distances to reach the much needed amenities especially schools and clinics, requires of us to speed up planning and execution. We see some Provinces being unable to implement their plans on time and then surrendering the funds back to Treasury.


We applaud government on the multimodal systems as seen in Gauteng and the Western Cape. The revitalization of both Train stations to modern multimodal centers is exciting. Critical is that our people are no longer dehumanized because the system is user friendly. The fact that people are traveling long distances to work is a challenge that as Planning takes place with respect to spatial development, the residences closer to work must be factored in. This will assist in making sure that people do not travel long distances but also save time and money. This is also coupled with the revitalization of railways and locomotives. Creation of jobs , Development of the Human Capital and a variety of Industries as outlined in the departmental plans is the radical economist Transformation that we must realize. The Gibela private and Public Sector initiative in Nigel to build and revamp rail systems is on track. Some of the coaches are already on the go. Throughout the Country the Train Stations are being revitalized and the railway tracks being maintained.

Integration that is smooth flowing is demonstrated in Gauteng and Cape Town cities where taxis, trains and buses are located in a close proximity to one another. REA VAYA, MY CITI, AREYENG From one mode to another with ease. This is A DEVELOPMENTAL STATE IN ACTION.

As the department assists the Municipality with the multimodal systems, we are concerned that the City of CapeTown is using the program to continue with the Apartheid system of human settlement as people of Plumstead and Wynberg are now threatened with removal to give way to MyCity bus routes. Not only is this mischief being mooted, but the city want to use the Grant allocated to fund the Consultants. We urge City to to the right things, STOP the envisaged removal in Plumstead and Wynberg. We urge the City to STOP funding consultant with the grant but use it for the RIGHT program, Road infrastructure development.

We are concerned about the strikes that are going on in the Industry, MyCity and Reavaya bus drivers are on strike and Our hope is that there be speedy resolve of the matter.

SACAA, ATNS and ACSA are doing stunning work in making sure that our aviation systems are of world class. Safety and Security, infrastructure development,and navigation systems are effective and efficient. The impact this SOEs has in the African skies has earned two of these Entities international awards from IATA. Congradulations SACAA for being the second best in Africa. Congradulations to ATNS School of Aviation for being the best. Our African skies are safe in your plans and endeavors. Human Resource Development is also at the centre of their programs. Training of Engineers,Pilots are some of the training that the Academy is producing students in.

Maritime industries is another area of focus as outlined by the President in his Nine Point plan. The protection of our territorial waters, Safety at Sea the prevention of marine pollution and pollutants of the environment and the Promotion of the Maritime interests of the Republic is paramount. Training in various professions such Cadetship and Sea Rescue should be popularized amongst our learners. We applaud government for having signed the Convention on the Removal of Wrecks. This will generate revenue to the Republic. There will be other industries that will be developed such as maintenance and manufacturing of ship, Research and development on the Ocean Economy and other related matters.

Vakahina Mintirho ya Mfumo wa ANC ya vulavula!!! ANC ahi Xihanya Nnomu !!