A Mthembu

On the 1st of August 1936, the South African Broadcasting Corporation was established through an Act of Parliament. The SABC was a radio service until the introduction of television in South Africa in 1976. The SABC has served South Africans as the primary news and information provider through its radio and television channels for 85 years. Many of the those years the SABC served as a State than a public broadcaster for the apartheid government.

On the 4th of February 1996, two years after the first democratic elections, the SABC reorganised its three TV channels, to be more representative of different language and cultural communities in our country.

After 1994 the SABC started to play a key role in promoting democracy and social cohesion. With the many TV channels and radio stations the broadcaster has, it provides listeners and viewers access to compelling content in their preferred language.

The public broadcaster has transformed significantly since it was established. Today, the public broadcaster, which currently boasts nineteen (19) radio stations and six (6) television channels, has aggressively expanded its platforms, to include digital platforms, and this reflects the changing consumption patterns of its audiences.

As the ANC, we have committed ourselves to conduct oversight on the SABC to ensure its excellence so that it continues to educate, inform, entertain and uplift our society.

#Long Live the SABC


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