Statement on CSIR co- creation of the digital drum

Z Ndlazi

We wish to congratulate CSIR for its central role on the design and development of the Digital Drum. CSIR has been recognized in Time magazine`s January 2012 issue. Time is the world`s largest weekly magazine.

The Digital Drum is a computer system that gives people access to information on relevant issues like health and education. This innovative system is based on the CSIR`s Digital Doorway, a robust stand - alone computer system that promotes computer literacy. The Digital Doorway initiative is funded by the Department of Science and technology.

The UNICEF/CSIR team was tasked to come up with an ICT intervention in Uganda, using local materials in a simplified housing. Since oil drums were readily available, they were used as a basis for the new housing. The Digital Drum has two work stations, with content adapted from the standard Digital Doorway suite.

The original prototype is on display at the Cooper - Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, together with a later version of the Digital Drum that uses a second oil drum as a stand.

This recognition is a valuable encouragement to our scientist who are working to find innovation solutions to societal problems and advance knowledge based economic development on the Continent.