Statement by David van Rooyen on Census 2011

28 October 2010

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has announced the dates for the third national census since the advert of democracy in South Africa. Stats SA) will deploy 120 000 officials dressed in yellow bibs across the country to document all people, including illegal immigrants and the homeless from 10 to 31 October 2011.

As part of its preparations for the census, Stats SA is conducting a countrywide "dress rehearsal" between 10 and 31 October 2010. Census 2011 will consist of three questionnaires: one for households, one for institutions, and one for people in transit. The census is vital as it also enables the government to cross-check administrative systems that register events such as births and deaths, and provides the basis for other important surveys that inform decision-making at government level, such as the labour force survey, demographic and health survey, and the general household survey.

We therefore urge all South Africans to stand up and be counted!

I thank you!

David Van Rooyen, MP

Tel: 021 403 2169