Statement on Increasing Human Resources in Public Health
Helen Line

8 November 2011

Having identified health as one of its key priorities areas, the ANC continues to work towards reducing inequalities in our health system and one such area is boosting our human resources. We therefore believe that the recent step taken by Wits University to increase their intake of medical students to address the shortages of human resources in the public health sector, is a welcome one.

Shortage of human resources in a key area of delivery such as health, hampers the effectiveness of the country`s public health system. We support Health Minister Motsoaledi`s challenge to the country`s faculties of health sciences to follow Wits University`s lead and take on 40 extra students in 2012. Such a move will address the shortage of doctors in the country in the long term.

Equally welcome, is Wits University`s commitment to recruiting rural students. By providing them with support and training, it thus becomes possible for the students to go back to the rural areas, where there are huge health care shortages and ensure provision of proper health care in those areas.
It is important that we produce health care workers who are committed to social engagement and social responsibility and who want to serve their communities.