Statement by Miriam Phaliso on the Department of Correctional Services

2 November 2010

At the beginning of this calendar year, the Department of Correctional Services unveiled the state of the art prison building in Kimberly. The Kimberly Correctional Centre boasts some of the most up to date facilities that the successful rehabilitation of inmates is made possible, which is inline with the primary objective of the White Paper on Corrections.

Having said this, we are very concerned by the report of yet another incident of destruction of State property by six offenders that are accused of setting mattresses on fire in one of the cells on Saturday past.

It is unacceptable that this brand new facility has witnessed two incidents of destruction of property by ill-disciplined possibly with the collusion of prison officials. We urge the Minister and the Department to get to the bottom of the causes of this latest incident; with harsh corrective steps meted out to all individuals found guilty of negligent and/or criminal behavior including dismissal of the Departmental officials involved and the transfer to the maximum security facilities of the guilty inmates.

I thank you!

Miriam Phaliso,MP

Tel: 021 403 2911