Statement by N Sibihidla on Water Symposium

The fundamental principle of our water resources policy is the right to access clean water – water security for all. Our policy, recognises the economic value of water and the environment, and advocates an economically, environmentally and politically sustainable approach to the management of our water resources and the collection, treatment and disposal of waste.

More than two hundred {200} water scientist, policy and law experts from more than twenty-five {25} countries are attending the Hydrology for Environment Life and Policy {HELP} Southern Symposium. The Symposium is hosted by the department of Water Affairs and Forestry started on Sunday, 4 November 2007. It will continue until Friday 9 November 2007.

The Southern Symposium aims to find ways to bridge the gap between science and policy to assist in solving water related problems at local, national and international level. Amongst the issues to be scrutinised in the Symposium are the following:

  • Connecting environment, economy, social and cultural impacts and how to measure these through science and policy;
  • The role of science in promoting good governance, conflict prevention, compliance in shared waters as approached through legislative and intuitional processes.

The African National Congress welcomes the delegates and wishes them well in their deliberations.

I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament
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