Statement by Peter Maluleka on the rail Agreement

31 August 2010

ANC welcomes a ground-breaking agreement signed by Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele on Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010 on railways and other transport-related matters with Chinese Railway Minister Liu Zhijun. The agreement recognises the need to find new approaches for consolidating, expanding and deepening the rapid developments in the transport sector between South and China.

The agreement seeks to promote investments, industry, trade and co-operation between South Africa and China in the area of rail. The railways agreement will foster close co-operation in rail infrastructure maintenance and development, financing, network safety and regulation, technology transfer, harmonisation of technical standards and human resource development.

The two countries agreed that there will be an exchange of engineers and related professionals and broad cooperation in the areas of intelligent transport systems, environmentally sustainable and labour-intensive best practices.
China operates the largest network of high-speed rail in the world. The Shanghai to Beijing railway line is the largest in the world; The ANC believes that South Africa can benefit from this Agreement in terms of using rail to transport people and goods efficiently, effectively and with the least cost to the environment and economy.

Peter Maluleka, MP
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