Statement by PS Gabanakgosi on Co-operation

6 November 2007

The African National Congress believes that one of the key platforms to engage and transform the present social and economic reality is through solidarity and strategic alliances amongst, in the first instance, the developing countries, and with those in industrialised countries committed to the creation of a just and equitable world order.

As we convene in this House, a two day conference has started in New Delhi, India, between India and twenty five {25} African countries.

The conference amongst other things provides a platform for exploring mutually beneficial partnership opportunities between Africa and India in the hydrocarbon sector. This initiative marks a new era of co-operation in this sector as Africa contains ten percent {10%} of world’s oil and four percent {4%} of proven gas reserves.

The African National Congress supports these efforts by our governments to forge strategic alliances in the south and establish mutually beneficial economic trade relations with countries in the industrialised world.

I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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