Statement by S Chikunga on Road Traffic Education

20 November 2007

Road traffic injuries are a global problem affecting all sectors of society. Due to the number of road traffic injuries worldwide, there is a need to focus increased attention in search of ways to reduce the injuries including multidisciplinary collaboration.

The African National Congress believes that the response to road accidents should be interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral, scientific. It should involve collective action, emphasise primary prevention, and provide maximum benefit to the largest number of people.

The Sifundzekhaya Primary School in Driekoppies is the site of a Junior Traffic Training Centre, complete with a miniature road network that includes pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and stop streets. Children are taught about, among others, the rules of the road and other road safety measures.

The African National Congress commends the efforts made by the school to raise awareness about the rules that govern road usage.

I thank you.

S Chikunga
ANC Member of Parliament

For more information: 021 403 2911