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Access To Government Services

In our recent door to door visit on 23rd July we noticed a very disturbing situation in one of the indigent areas at Dam Dam village. The community in general does not have tap water; the municipality has provided them with temporal arrangement of water tanks. A family of three adults and 2 children within the vicinity; where three of them are without a job. Their mother who was a pensioner passed away four years ago. One of them is said to be mentally disturbed, whilst the Doctor of the areas keeps saying that he/she does not see anything wrong with his mental health.

This family depends on people from this village for them to get food. The two children are schooling at Ncedolwethu School.

This unpleasant situation is just one situation that shows that we still need to work hard in improving awareness, and creating conditions that will assist the communities to get access to government services. Whilst commending the sense of Ubuntu in that community.

Acting Chairperson: Arts & Culture Committee

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