Successful farmers` day held in Emjindini by D Dlakude

16 August 2012

In its commitment to promote food security as a way to lessen our dependence on food imports, tnullNot rated yet.he ANC welcomes the successful vegetable production farmers` day for emerging and small-scale farmers that was held at Emjindini Trust.

The event was organised by the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Administration, with the aim of informing farmers on ways and means to produce fresh vegetables for the household on a continuous basis throughout the year. During the day the vegetable-production section of the poly-farm provided various options for small-scale farmers and households to produce vegetables on a cheap and sustainable basis.

Emphasis was placed on the efficient use of natural resources such as water and organic fertilizers. The importance of weed and pest control was also illustrated. The different vegetable systems, such as wagon wheels, trench gardens, sprinkler irrigation, micro- and drip irrigation and an aqua-culture system, were displayed.

The ANC commends this initiative and is hopeful that such events will take place in other rural parts of the province as well as to other provinces.