Theatre opened in Northern Cape is a Hub for Creative Excellence

The recent official opening of the Northern Cape Theatre in Kimberley will provide new opportunities for local artists after years of uncertainty. The Theatre which was closed down due to its dilapidated state, recently underwent a R12 million refurbishment. In order to assist creatives, the department of Sports, Arts and Culture is also investing in its Incubator and Skills Development Programme which will involve the development of skills in theatre, dance, music, marketing and administration. This will restore the pride of the Northern Cape province, their stories will be told and depicted locally.

The ANC believes Theatre and dance provide a gateway into the diverse cultures of a country, while also promoting the most innovative and expressive ways of thinking.  It is very important to human rights, and is needed to celebrate cultural identities, world views, and build solidarity in South Africa. Arts has the ability to educate, inspire, provide hope for the future and change behaviour. We believe this theatre will not just offer engagement, accessible and production interventions to address social ills, but will also help the  disadvantaged communities in Kimberley to increase their participation in cultural activities.