Tragic accident in Hawston, Overstrand Municipality

A Madella

The Community of Hawston in the Overstrand Municipal area is in mourning following the tragic accident in which 2 children died and a third child sustained serious injuries.

On Saturday, 24th October 2015, the parents of Jamie-Lee Samuels, Chrismedine Seegels and Raldo Davids were called to a tragic scene at ruins of an old dilapidated house where a section caved in on top of the 3 children who have been playing there along with other children.

Jamie-Lee and Chrismedine were declared death on the scene whilst Raldo was rushed to the Hospital and is currently recuperating at the Tygerberg Hospital.

All three children were between the ages of 10 and 11 years old at the prime of their young lives.

In visiting the families of the children who passed on in this tragic accident to express our condolences and to offer support, we were struck by the community's solidarity and camaraderie prevalent. However, we were also disappointed by the fact that the local Ward Councillor who is incidentally also the Deputy Mayor of the Overstrand Municipality has not bothered to visit the grieving families.

The Samuels family were struck a double blow by the fact that the two girls that died in this tragic accident are the children of two sisters.

The ANC wishes to express our heartfelt condolences to the parents and grandparents of the deceased children and also wish Raldo Davids well in his recovery in the hospital.

I thank you