Unique Upside-Down EDU Centre unveiled in North West

MM Ramadwa

We welcome the recent unveiling of a one-of-a-kind upside-down educational institution in Rustenburg in the North West by the Minister of Basic Education. The Surprise Shondlane Upside Down School, situated at the Ten Flags Educational Theme Park, is said to be the only functional upside-down ‘school’ in South Africa, and while it will not function as a regular, everyday school, it invites education institutions from all over to bring their learners for an innovative day trip.

The upside-down concept was designed to give our children a practical example of thinking outside the box in their daily lives. It is also home to a wealth of activities that teach independent thinking and all-around curiosity, focusing on engineering, sciences and information and communication technology.

The concept for the centre is the brainchild of the theme park’s CEO and founder, Thapelo Tshepe, who discovered on his travels that there are several upside-down houses across the world. This inspired him to incorporate education and functionality in the upside-down concept.

The centre features upside-down equipment, including musical instruments, projectors, stoves, fridges, microwaves, water urns for boiling water and air-conditioners. Even the functional showers and bunk beds are upside down. Visiting schools will benefit from motivational speakers and on site teachers, who will ensure the outings are both meaningful and aligned with the schools’ curriculum.

We commend such innovative thinking and concepts which will no doubt broaden the outlook and learning patterns of our learners.