Using Water Responsibly In City Of Cape Town

15 November 2005

Madam Speaker, the recent decision by the ANC-led Cape Town City Council to partially lift water restrictions after a spell of good rain in the catchment areas in the Cape metropole area is welcomed.

This is an indication that the local government authorities had done much in building a partnership with the communities they serve in communicating the importance of water conservation. That communities heeded the council`s call to conserve these precious natural resources is commendable.

Our communities should, however, note that we still have to be vigilant and conserve as much water as is possible. The expected increase in water consumption in Cape Town over the holiday period will place an added demand on our water supply, and it will stand us in good stead to heed the lessons of the past months.

We therefore call on all our communities, especially those who enjoy having the most access to our water resources, to use it responsibly.

Thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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