Water storage and reticulation in Kamadakwa

T Makondo

The community of Kamadakwa - Ndlovu in Umjindi Local Municipality in Mpumalanga will have their lives made easy by the water storage and reticulation project currently being implemented in their village by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

The reticulation will cover about 630 households when completed. A one megalitre concrete reservoir is being constructed as part of the project and is earmarked to be completed around December. The reticulation will ensure that, the villagers have access to water right on their doorsteps meaning they would no longer have to carry containers to fetch water from the communal taps they currently use, and the concrete reservoir will ensure reliable water supply as there will be enough storage.

The project has also benefitted the community in terms of job opportunities and so far it has created about 17 job opportunities for the local residents. Community members have committed to guard against illegal connections and any forms of vandalism of water infrastructure as this will affect the optimal operation of the system and leave some sections with difficulties in accessing the water supply. The community has appreciated the work the Government of the

ANC has done in meeting its commitment to the 2014 Election Manifesto.

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