Women Empowerment And Transformation In The SA Navy

13 October 2005

Chairperson, on Monday, 10 October, women in the SA Navy gathered to discuss issues of empowerment and transformation in the force and in society in general. The women’s conference, the first in the 83 years of our navy’s existence, was held in Milnerton with the theme “Celebrating the spirit of womanhood within you”.

The ANC commends the SA Navy on its effort to empower women by opening up the debate on the role of women in the navy and on its efforts to close the gap between the participation of women and men in policy formulation and decision-making.

The three-day conference covered various themes, including health, HIV/Aids, leadership, trust issues, networking, role modelling, unity, and sharing women’s experiences within the military and in the corporate and public sectors.

The ANC recognises the important work done by the Minister of Defence and the SA Navy to establish a gender-sensitive navy, and we wish them very well in their endeavours.

ANC Member of Parliament

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