Accidental missile in Poland kills two (2) citizens

Hadebe B

The ANC welcomes the report by NATO and the Polish government that a missile that struck and killed two citizens in a village in eastern Poland on Tuesday 15 November 2022, was an accidental hit by a stray Ukrainian air defence rocket.

It is now confirmed that the missile that hit a grain facility near the border with Ukraine, was probably an “old” S-300 rocket, likely being used as a Ukrainian air defence missile. Initially Russia was heavily suspected of firing the missile. The blast raised global alarm that the Ukraine conflict could spill into neighbouring countries.

South Africa must continue to reiterate its position that the UN Security Council should play a constructive role in resolving this almost nine (9) months conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The General Assembly should create conditions conducive for dialogue, mediation and diplomacy. As a country we have always maintained our stance of upholding dialogue and diplomacy as mechanisms that can bring about peaceful settlement to conflicts.

These are principles informed by the United Nation Charter on international relations.

We are calling for the end of this conflict and for peace to prevail.