Support Services

Caucus Support Services is structured in a manner that should provide support in the following broad areas:

    • General co-ordination and management of ANC Caucus operational Units.
    • Management of staff, budget and other resources of Caucus.
    • Input to political work in the Office of the Chief Whip; including contribution to Members` statements, Debates and Motions without notice.
    • Co-ordination and provision of political research, primarily for use by Study Groups, Clusters as well as by individual Members.
    • Media and communication services, through regular publications, media statements, press conferences, etc.
    • Provision of logistical support to Parliamentary Constituency Offices (PCOs) in support of Members` constituency work responsibilities.
    • Recruitment, placement, training and utilization of staff.
    • Provision of administrative and secretarial staff support to Members on their day to day activities in Parliament and PCOs across the country.


The Mission of ANC Caucus Support Services is to co-ordinate the provision of effective and efficient support to Members of Parliament, enabling the ANC, through its public representatives to deliver on its mandate to the people of South Africa.

Caucus Support Services is structured into various operational Units that provide support to Members; and is directly accountable to the Office of the Chief Whip of the Majority Party.

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