ANC Caucus in Parliament extends its Diwali wishes

14 November 2020

ANC Caucus in Parliament notes that the 14th November 2020 worldwide has been declared as a Day of Observance when the Hindu community celebrates one of its biggest and most important Festivals, the Festival of Diwali/ Deepavali.

This Year Diwali‘s Celebrations take place when the world is still reeling with the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, accompanied by signs of an imminent second wave.

As the ANC Caucus in Parliament, we re-iterate President Ramaphosa’s message in his recent address to the Nation to adhere to health protocols and safety issues by washing our hands, wearing our marks. minimizing unnecessary movements as well as compliance with social distancing.

ANC Caucus in Parliament believes that the spirit of the Festival of Lights should spur us on as we navigate many challenges the nation is facing around moral regeneration and social cohesion and calls on all peace – loving South Africans to strengthen our nation – building efforts within our communities by taking care of the most vulnerable.

In moments like this, the ANC Caucus in Parliament believes we should use the occasion of Diwali to spread more goodwill in our communities, fight the scourge of Gender based violence and Femicide as well as crime and corruption thus  honouring the true spirit of Diwali by ensuring that light continues to triumph over darkness, good over evil as well as the prosperity of knowledge over ignorance.

ANC Caucus in Parliament wishes all South Africans of Hindu faith a peaceful Diwali.

As a Nation that respects all faiths and belief systems, the ANC Caucus in Parliament hopes that this day will not only have meaning to followers of Hindu faith alone but will resonate to many peace – loving South Africans in pursuit of social cohesion and mutual tolerance.

Issued by the Office of the Chief Whip; Hon. Pemmy Majodina


Nomfanelo Kota
Acting Caucus Spokesperson
067 415 1089