ANC Caucus welcomes bold and decisive interventions by President Cyril Ramaphosa on COVID-19

15 March 2020

The ANC Caucus has today, Sunday 15 March 2020, welcomed the urgent, bold and decisive measures announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa following a Special Cabinet Meeting on COVID-19 as a “decisive step in the right direction” said ANC Chief Whip Pemmy Majodina on Sunday night.

In this regard, the ANC Caucus in Parliament supports fully the proposed measures which are collaborative in nature and aimed at unity in action by all sectors of society.

We further welcome the establishment of the Presidential led National Command Council which has our unreserved support in its mandate and look forward to the unveiling of the comprehensive package of interventions to mitigate the socioeconomic impact of this pandemic on our fragile economy.

The ANC Caucus in Parliament will continue to intensify its own internal arrangements pertaining to limiting contact between persons in its daily work and programmes.

The ANC Caucus notes that as part of the measures gatherings of persons of beyond 100 have been prohibited and will comply and adhere to these measures.

We further note that mass celebrations of upcoming National Days such as Human Rights Day and other large Government events have been cancelled.

Subsequently, these drastic but necessary measures will have a direct impact on the work of Parliament and all internal stakeholders will deliberate on Tuesday during the Multi-Party Chief Whip’s Forum on further measures to be taken by Parliament in consultation with Presiding Officers.

In conclusion, the ANC Caucus reiterates the importance of remaining calm and not to be overcome by fear, ignorance and panic.

We, indeed as President Ramaphosa articulated, possess the necessary knowledge and means to fight this disease if we act swiftly and collectively to minimize its impact.

Issued by the Chief Whip of the Ruling Party, Hon. Pemmy Majodina

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Acting ANC Caucus Spokesperson