ANC welcomes decision not to renew McBride contract

28 February 2019

The ANC Study Group on Police welcomes the decision of the Portfolio Committee on Police not to renew the contract of the Executive Director of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), Mr Robert McBride.

Mr McBride was appointed in 2014 on a five-year contract, which expires today, 28 February 2019. The Committee came to the decision not to renew the contract of Mr McBride after lengthy deliberations spanning over a week since last Friday, 22 February 2019.

The Committee came to this decision after having considered various documentation and presentations thereby concluding on the following:

1. The breakdown of trust and in the working relationship between the Minister and the Executive Director – the existence whereof is in the public interest and indispensable for the proper and effective functioning of IPID and for proper service delivery;

2. The findings of the Public Service Commission of serious irregularities concerning the complaint of Ms Saohatse;

3. The failure to fulfil the requirements of the employment agreement with regard to the conclusion of a performance agreement and the conducting of performance assessments;

4. The pending investigation by the Public Protector into serious allegations of misconduct, inter alia, by members of staff of IPID; and

5. The fact that the Executive Director has no security clearance.

In light of the above, the Committee has urged the Minister to initiate the process of advertising and short listing of candidates for appointment in order for the Committee to participate in the recommendation of the new IPID Head in line with the IPID Act.

The ANC Study Group would also like to express its extreme displeasure at the fact that a private individual, Mr Paul O’Sullivan, has attempted to unduly influence Parliament by threatening Members of Parliament to conclude on the renewal of Mr MrBride’s contract.

Mr Paul O’Sullivan sent members threatening text messages stating that he would privately investigate them and publish such on his website. We view this as an act of intimidation and in contravention of the Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Parliament and Provincial Legislatures Act. We have therefore reported this to the Speaker of the National Assembly to investigate in the interest of ensuring that Members of Parliament are not intimidated from carrying out their work. Furthermore, we have also concluded to lay criminal charges against this individual.

Issued by comrade Leonard Ramathlakane on behalf of the ANC Study Group on Police.


Nonceba Mhlauli