ANC Caucus statement

1 June 2006

On travel investigation

The African National Congress Caucus notes the current developments
relating to the Parliament travel investigation. We also note the
inclusion of three more ANC Members to the initial list of those facing
charges, and are scheduled to appear in the Cape High Court at the end
of July.

Caucus regrets the current challenges the matter has brought to the 23
comrades facing the charges and the movement itself. We will provide
necessary emotional support to the involved comrades, guided by the
principle of innocence until proven guilty by the court of law.
Accordingly, we restate our position that the legal process on this
matter should proceed undeterred.

Caucus welcomes and appreciates the briefing to the Parliamentary
Oversight Authority on the matter by Head of the NPA and would like to
restate our resolve to assist where necessary.

On public discourse on Parliament

The ANC Caucus has noted the current public discourse regarding the role
and powers of Parliament, and its capacity and ability to execute its
mandate. The insinuation that parliament`s powers are continuously
eroded by the executive is unsubstantiated and cannot be backed by

Parliament is fully functional and adequately capacitated to carry out
it mandates, which is evident in its record of conducting its functions.

However, it should be noted that parliament is operating in the context
of a transformationary environment and therefore will go through several
organisational changes that would require that it be capacitated to
deliver on its mandate.

These insinuations are reflective of ignorance on the activities and
scope of function of Parliament and therefore Caucus rejects them with

On `Presidential centralism` accusations

Caucus fully supports the response of the National Executive Committee
to accusations that the Presidency of the Republic is "over- centralised"
and that the country is systematically shifting towards a dictatorial
style of leadership.

Caucus`s first hand experience on the practical role and function of the
Presidency and the President is that of consistent provision of
effective leadership to the country and government in general.

The President has always respected the space for Parliament to execute
its constitutional mandate.

Recently, the President boldly and decisively sent the ICASA Bill back
to Parliament as it contained provisions that contravened the scope of
the constitutional mandate of the institution.

It is in this vein that we find the accusations against the Presidency
unfounded and baseless.

On the ANC leadership challenges

Caucus has noted the media reports relating to the challenges of
leadership in the ANC.

We support the NEC`s decision that "The ANC National Conference, which
is due to be held in 2007, will elect the ANC`s National Executive
Committee, including its national officials. The procedure by which the
election will take place is outlined in the ANC Constitution, and is
well known to the structures and membership of the ANC. The process of
nominations will begin in ANC branches a few months before the National

Issued by the ANC Parliamentary Caucus