Debate On The President’s State Of The Nation Address By Cde Comrade Tebogo Letsie

14 February 2022

Your Excellency, as the African National Congress we welcome the pace in which you have expanded the Presidential Youth Employment programme which has supported over 850 000 young people with over 60%of that  being women.

We welcome an increase which will rise above 1 million in the outer years.
This is government taking the lead in creating work opportunities for the
unemployed particularly the youth. Yezwa John VuliGate

The Educators Assistance programmes has not only assisted schools to continue with teaching and learning under the pandemic, but it has also given the youth the necessary work place experience to develop various skills.

In our oversight visits to schools, school principals affirmed that without the Educators Assistance they would not have effectively and Effeciently  managed teaching and learning  in the midst of a pandemic.

Our feeder system for future teachers is certain with these intervention.

The 10 000 youth to be recruited for digitization at Home Affairs will not only have a tremendous impact in resolving a systemic weakness in the system
But also assist at least 10 000 families with food security

Honourable President the department of health, police, higher education and various government entities also require digitization. We should consider expanding the digitization process across the state over the next years.

The placement of 10 000 unemployed TVET graduates in workplaces is another major programme which will up-skill the graduate and create better opportunities for them.

Honourable President,  SETA’s  should develop ambitious targets working with the private sector to create 10 000 opportunities in each province.

We also welcome the 50 000 work opportunities to be created which will support productivity and participation of youth in different sectors such as early childhood development, agriculture, gender based violence and other key areas.

It is commendable that the platform has 2.3 million young South Africans Registered. What is a major achievement there is the fact that already  600 000 youth have been placed into employment opportunities. We encourage more youth to register with Platform..

There are many low  hanging fruits in our communities which require our youth to be drawn into resolving.

Private investment must be able to double these programs to ensure we cover millions of young people.

Your Excellency, young people want to create their own economic opportunities and develop enterprises.

Globally small businesses have been major contributor of employment and economic growth.
Young people in the ICT industry are frustrated because we give ICT contracts to big foreign owned businesses
They are asking our government to consider open source options for them to do business here at home with our government

The NYDA is one agency led and managed by 2 young, females in the executive who have demonstrated their capability and brought about a significant impact for youth businesses.

Their impact is inadequate relative to the need of young people. Increasing the fiscal allocation for the NYDA will surely translate to an increased impact on unemployment.

The Small Enterprise Development Agency, the National Empowerment Funds, the Industrial Developmental Cooperation, the Land Bank and Private sector financing institutions should have a ring fenced allocation to support small and medium enterprises owned by the youth, women, and people with disabilities.

Investing in youth entrepreneurship guarantees a better productive future for the economy. This is so because young people are innovative and  the lifespan of those youth in the economy is longer unlike financing individuals in their twilight.

We welcome the extension of the Social Relief of Distress R350 grant, though not sustainable intervention, it ensures that no one is left behind and tackles the problem of food security.

A person who has never slept with a hungry stomach will not understand the impact of this intervention.

We congratulate the Matric class of 2021, encourage those who didn’t do well to rewrite

Speaking of Matrics

John VuliGate

We encourage bra John to contact CET colleges and complete the Umalusi arrangement

Honourable members and the people of South Africa we must clarify that:

Colonialism and apartheid  created two nations in one nation.

Former President Mbeki described that South Africa is a country of two nations. The essence of that statement is the material reality of what the DA represents.

The Black people in the Western Cape do not live in the country that Honourable Steenhuisen lives in where the services provided by government is the total opposite of services provided in Khayalitsha, Langa, Mitchels plain.

Security is for those in leafy suburbs of Cape Town.

Honourable Malema must first cross the rubicon which will remain in his imagination in order to appoint Ministers, as that is a prerogative of the President of the Republic.

Hon Malema, you also come here to tell us that President has shown a motion of no confidence in young people in the ANC.

But you in your Party, how many have you removed from here in Parliament for one reason or the other ?

Where they old ?

You contradicts yourself on the role of the private sector as he advocates for government to support black business which is part of the private sector which government already supports through its preferential procurement system, but at the same time he argues that government should not create conditions for the private sector to increase investment.

The ANC is not a statist organisation but believes in a mixed economy with include private-public partnerships.

In South Africa the state plays a major role and continues to play a major role hence the interventions Ive outlined are done by this government.


Mokoena oa Mokoteli ore Haelale makwala re none