Declaration on Legal Practice Bill [B 11B-2017] (s75) Hon. Stan Maila (MP)

14 November 2017

The African National Congress rises in support of the Legal Practice Amendment Bill.

The ANC promotes the values of human rights, justice, human dignity and equality. These were among the key issues which were at the heart of our liberation struggle and negotiated settlement. The challenge of race, class and gender discrimination, as well as privilege have been an obstruction in the access to justice and legal services.
A legal system must reflect justice and be value centred. The rationale of the ANC-led government’s commitment to the construction of a united, non-racial, non-sexist state was to create a society based on social justice and the rule of law in which all citizens enjoy the fundamental right to freedom, equality and justice for all.
Transformation of the legal profession is an important condition for the establishment of a society based on social justice, human rights and the rule of law . The Legal Practice Act is a reflection of the ANC’s commitment to the transformation of the legal profession and the judiciary.
The Act established the National Forum, which is the transitional body, ushering in the transformation. The life of the Forum has been extended, in principle, until 31 October 2018. The primary aim of the Bill is to address the technical and practical issues of a non-contentious nature in respect of the implementation of the Act.

The Bill will usher the much sought transformation within the legal profession and judiciary. It seeks to unify the fragmented profession. The Bill promises greater access to justice as the public will no longer have to pay both an attorney and advocate. The Bill acts in public interest and is in line with the transformation agenda of the African National Congress.

The ANC supports the Bill.