B Hadebe

The DA’s hypocrisy on cadre deployment has since backfired. Many people, among them former DA leaders, are coming out to expose this hypocrisy, saying, “The DA cannot be against a policy it practices.” These former DA leaders confirmed that the municipalities under the DA could not conclude any appointment of senior staff without the approval of the DA Federal Executive as a standard procedure.

In 2020, then Public Protector found former DA WC leader and MEC Anton Bredell to be in breach of the Code of Conduct for Members when he instructed the Municipality of George not to fill any vacancy without the consent of the DA Federal Executive. Bredell had wanted the caucus to approve a white candidate, even though a selection panel had decided the black candidate, who had been already acting in the position, was the best candidate. 

It’s about time the public knows about the DA’s own nepotism, cronyism, and cadre deployment they are practicing. How can you claim to be morally superior on deployment policies when you practice the same?