Family Commission proposes creating a file on the consequences of the economic siege of Venezuela

Journalist: Margareth Del R. Cornivel Sanchez / Photographer: Danielle Rafaela Silva Rondon

The proposal was presented by the president of the Permanent Commission on Families, Freedom of Religion and Cults, deputy Asia Villegas (PSUV/National), during her speech at the IV International Conference on Child Protection “Proinfancia 2023”, held at the “José Martí” Library in Havana Cuba between September 27 and 29.

The parliamentarian reported that her intervention was supported by three lines of research carried out in Venezuela, where the effects produced as a consequence of this blockade against the nation are outlined with testimonies and quantitative data.

In this sense, he highlighted the contributions made by the social communicator Anahí Arismendi, in her book “Childhood under Siege”, which talks about the Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures (MCU) on the Human Rights of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, (NNA). ). Venezuela Case2015-2019.

He highlighted other investigations such as those carried out by the Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies of the Ministry of Popular Power for Economy and Finance, William Castillo, who supported his work on the figures reported by the Venezuelan Anti-Blockade Observatory and those presented by the Gender with Class Foundation, represented by the feminist Rebeca Madrid in her thesis “Unlock Our Rights”, which highlights how the Unilateral Coercive Measures (MCU) have affected the people of Venezuela.

In this regard, Villegas explained that these experiences compiled in these investigations demonstrate the cruelty and suffering that the MCU has generated. “These actions not only reveal the imposition of political and material punishment, but also show racism, xenophobia, and discrimination by the North American government and its regional lackeys against the people of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Russia,” he said. .

The representative reported that the meeting, preceded by three international conferences, had the purpose of promoting exchange between researchers and specialists; as well as strengthen collaboration ties in the search for solutions to concurrent problems, the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents in their respective countries and contribute to a culture of dissemination on these issues.

The Venezuelan delegation was represented by officials from the Supreme Court of Justice, the Public Ministry, the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps, the Division of Investigations and Crimes against women, girls, boys and adolescents and, representing the Movements Social, by journalist Anahí Arismendi.

He highlighted that the representatives of the Venezuelan Diplomatic Mission in Cuba, Zionara Lucena, were also present; the vice director of the National Center for Sexual Education of Cuba, Ivón Calaña; the Venezuelan ambassador to the Caribbean island, Orlando Maneiro; the deputy director of the National Library of Cuba, Yolanda Núñez and students of the Hugo Chávez Basic Secondary School.

Experts from more than a dozen countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Colombia, France, the United Arab Emirates, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, among others, participated in the international meeting.