Motion Without Notice by Mr. T. M. Mofokeng on the announcement by Prosecutor Andrea Johnson

Motion Without Notice:

Mr. T. M. Mofokeng moved without notice that the Council:-

1. Notes with utmost apprehension announcement by Prosecutor Andrea Johnson that two of the men accused of the brutal killing of a 26 year old teaching assistant and mother of a small child, Chanelle Henning who was murdered in the Tshwane suburb of Faerie Glen last month may escape jail time because a plea bargain with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA);

2. Recognises the Independence of the Judiciary, particularly in ensuring fair justice for our people irrespective of their social status, however, takes this opportunity to express its profound outrage and derision at this announcement as nothing more than an attempts to sell our justice to the highest criminal bidder and degrade the fairness of our justice system; and

3. Calls on the minister of Justice to intervene and ensure that these heartless criminals who have shown repulsive disregard for human life are made to face the full might of the law and pay for their cruel deeds and that the NPA does not take an easy way of out arresting any person who may be linked to this hyenas criminal act.

I so move!