Speech by Minister of Justice and Correctional Service

Awakening The Sleeping The Giant :
House Chairperson
The President of the Republic of South Africa
The Deputy President

The opposition behaves like they have just fallen from heaven, they are not in touch with the South African reality. They only speak about doom and gloom, this is despite the fact that the President in his speech acknowledged the challenges of our country , we will not hear any credible alternatives from them. What they are good at is amplifying the country’s challenges and to downplay the democratic gains.

Yingiselavana va democracy vatiyisisa kuhivona va Tintswalo, these are the motives forces of the National Democratic Revolution.

I am Tintswalo.

Like many South Africans who started high school after 1994, Honourable President, both my parents were farm workers who could not afford my tertiary education.

Luckily for my generation, the democratic breakthrough with its promise for a better life for all, changed our trajectory.

Having attended TSB farm primary school in Komaatipoort, Mpumalanga, I matriculated in Mchaka High school in Bushbuckridge in 2000.

I can stand here in this house and say with great conviction that had it not been for the ANC government’s expansion of TEFSA and my sister paying for my University registration and monthly stipend, I would not be standing in front of you as a Member of Parliament, an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa having appeared in the highest Court, the ICJ, on global affairs. My life was predestined as a farm worker by design by the apartheid government with no choice of my own.

The village where I come from Cunningmore B in Mpumalanga had no electricity nor running water, today there is electricity, running water and a tarred road, so are many villages in our country because of the ANC government.

NSFAS is the biggest intervention of the ANC government that has broken inter-generational poverty.

Its results are tangible, you can touch it with your bare hands, Mbuyelo wa NFSAS ungawukhoma himavoko, uku I, mvelaphanda ya NFSAS ungayivarangazwanda, imiphula yayo ungayimbamba ngetandla.

Jy kan die uitkoms van NSFAS voel met jou hande.

Honourable President Indawo Zonke Zase South Africa zinaye u Tintswalo.

Madam speaker

The Tintswalo, Honourable Steenhuisen and Honourable Winde refer to is the one they have created here in the Western Cape.

Lapha ekapa Tintswalo, is called a refugee in the land of her birth, just like many children in Palestine.

We can conclude that the reason the DA government harass the people who support Palestine here in the Western Cape is that they understand nothing about freedom and human rights. They want to create a white enclave state within the Republic of South Africa that exempts them from substantive equality.

They want to destroy the future of Tintswalo. Tintswalo’s glimmer of hope is the intervention of ANC national government like umamu Capa has shown Yersterday. Tintswalo will soon be free in the Western Cape honourable Winde, Julle sal nie terug kom nie, die mens van die Wes Kaap Sal vir die ANC stem.

The Cape Metro is stone deaf to the protests of Tintswalo.

The City of Cape Town is limping from one scandal to the other, almost R12 million from the Urban Waste Management Directorate cannot be accounted for. This led to a dysfunctional leachate treatment plant that is not operational.

Equally, a Member of Mayoral Committee responsible for Waste Management, was implicated in corruption through a forensic report which revealed non-existent cleaning services which almost doubled from R 314 Million to R 514 Million.

Like corruption everywhere the DA’s corruption is not victimless, it has a direct impact on the the future of Tintswalo, like those in Gugulethu where the Provincial government have only built 23 out of 570 houses, in 5 years on a budget of R 105 Million.

That is the DA government for you, its shenanigans laid bare in a ground up article , Sabelo Jele is losing hope that his house will ever be finished.

Ncedeka Mgwele said her husband Thulani Stokwe died waiting for his home due to the delays by the city of Cape Town, iphi le clean and effective gorvenance ye DA ngoba u Minister Nkadimeng no Ngungubele have shown us ukuthi Tshwane nase Ekhuruleni i DA iyahluleka, nihluleka yonke indawo.

House Chairperson this house will soon pass the NPA amendment bill to make the Investigative Directorate within the auspices of the NPA permanent.

Like the President said Tintswalo went through challenges, it was not perfect, it is in the context that the Honourable President had to lead the rebuilding of state institutions to protect the future of Tintswalo.

There is no denial that had it not been for the counter revolution that was embedded in state capture, the National Democratic Revolution would be on track.

It is within the context of this counter revolution, a global pandemic, and global wars that our economy was disrupted and damaged.

However, StatsSA confirms that our economy is back to pre-covid levels, this means we’ve reawakened the sleeping giant South Africa Incorporated. We’ve overcome COVID 19, the July unrest and the worst natural disaster in our country. Just like Bafana Bafana the nation is emerging out of the doldrums.

Honourable members it is the sixth administration that strengthened the work of law enforcement agencies like the NPA by appointing permanent leadership in the upper echelons of the NPA and the SAPS and increased the operational budget resulting in visible institutional growth and stability.

Organized Crime verdicts have increased by 21% from (193 to 234) at a conviction rate that is above 80%.

Gang leaders are behind bars or in court, whether it is Jerome Booysen, Nafik Modak, Ralph Stanfield, Mark Lifman and Vusi Khekhe amongst others. The DA MMC in the city of CT is working with gangsters while claiming to be rehabilitating them.

We’re doing the real rehabilitation of offenders through offenders contributing their labour through Self Sufficiency and Strategic Framework in the Department of Correctional Services. To date, this program has saved government R372 Million through food production and sales at correctional services workshops. An entrepreneural state called by the President is in action, amabanjwa ayasebenza.

The conviction rate in gender-based violence and femicide matters is at 74,6 %.

When it comes to successful prosecutions for cable theft matters the NPA has exceeded some of the targets, the conviction rate is well above 85 % , 299 convictions have been obtained from 347 cable theft verdicts.

We’ve already allocated 3,2 billion rands from the criminal asserts recovery funds to fight illegal mining and Organized crime to enable the SAPS and Border Management authority to buy state of the art equipments needed to fight organized crime and to increase the deportation capabilities of the BMA.

As at 31 December 2024 we have seen 2996 arrests for illegal mining from SAPS.

SAPS is implementing Operation Shanyela, a comprehensive plan to combat crime throughout the country. The plan includes clamping down on illegal mining areas.

Late last year, the asset forfeiture unit, SIU and the Hawks have secured preservation orders to freeze asserts which are proceeds of unlawful activities of a syndicate dealing in unwrought gold in GP. The frozen asserts includes 51 properties with a value of more than R16 million.In MP they secured a preservation order of assets worth more than a billion rands. The message is clear, crime does not pay and the tide against crime is turning.

Honourable Groenewald, in his obsession to preserve the status quo, tried to criticize Minister Cele and I for going to Grobersdal when the court was stormed by people waving the old Transvaal flag. We must condemn anyone who has Apartheid nostalgia and an obsession with apartheid symbols. We never interfered with the work of the Court but we’ve send a strong message that such conduct will never be tolerated in a Democratic South Africa.

House Chairperson,Tintswalo’s future is in capable hands with the ANC led government after this year’s elections.


The ANC government has successfully crafted a society that embraces the principles of our constitution. The next phase of our constitutional democracy is the creation of an equal society for all.

Abayiqondi hiyo