Statement by ANC in Parliament on Violence against Women and Children and attacks against Foreign Nationals

3 September 2019

The African National Congress (ANC) in Parliament has noted several disturbing incidents of abductions, abuse and murder of women and children around the country. We condemn all these barbaric acts and call on all South Africans to unite against patriarchy and sexism. 

We have full confidence in the South African criminal justice system to firmly deal with all the cases of abuse and murder of women and children. 

We have also noted unacceptable acts of looting, assault of people, destruction of property and even murder in various parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). This criminal acts are wrongly labelled Xenophobia or Afrophobia. No person in the Republic has a right to take the law into their hands because they have a complaint or grievance. 

We call on all South African citizens to unite and work with the South African law enforcement agencies, and for the criminal justice system to legally deal with all issues of immigration and violations of the law by both South Africans and foreign nationals. 

Today we participated actively (with clear and action oriented proposals) on the National Assembly debate on the National Women’s month, specifically focusing on Gender Based violence(GBV). We also tabled a statement on the criminal violence taking place in some parts of Gauteng and KZN, which are wrongly labelled xenophobia and Afrophobia. 

We therefore completely reject any opportunistic attempt to minimise or distort the ANC’s revulsion and condemnation of violence related to all these incidents.



Andile Mdleleni
082 694 1232